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Block Mounting & Lamination

Monart's laminate is used to protect the ink against UV rays and minimal exposure to moisture. Prints can last a lifetime providing that they are given proper care and handling.

The difficulty in estimating exactly how many years a print will last depends on factors beyond Monart's control. Such factors include the print's exposure to sunlight, moisture, humidity and handling. The print's owner is responsible for minimizing the print's exposure to damaging factors.

At Monart, we'll laminate or block mount your poster or print at competitive prices. You can bring in your own posters, photographs or kid's drawings and we’ll get them done for you!

Block mounting is a process whereby a poster is mounted flat onto a 7.5mm thick sheet of MDF. The poster can then be hung easily. It’s become a low-cost alternative to framing and looks especially good for contemporary art or movie/music posters in modern living spaces. We recommend a gloss finish particularly for black and white or sepia images, as well as images with bright colours. The gloss finish will make the colour and contrast stand out more. A matt finish is recommended for block mounts that are to be displayed in areas that receive a lot of light. The matt finish will diffuse the light and minimize reflection.

For lamination only: You can now have any poster gloss/matt laminated without mounting . This can be added to any poster in your order. If you live in Winnipeg, it can be done the same day at Monart. Posters that are already laminated can also be blocked mounted.